lunedì 16 gennaio 2017

Una Vita da... Bandano #47: Un possibile appuntamento per Thomas. / One Life To... Bandano #47: A Possible Appointment For Thomas.

Tony, da coltivatore di "teoremi", da dei consigli a Thomas che ha ricevuto un appuntamentoda una ragazza!

Tony, from grower to "theorems", from advice to Thomas who received a appuntamentoda a girl!

"There's a girl who invited me to come out. I tell him?"
"Well simple: tell him so!"
"But if she refuses?"
"But if it is you who asked you?"
"Ah, yes! But where the port?"
"Maybe in a pub!"
"Ok, and who pays?"
"Pay you, right?!?"
"My father does not want."
"But the money is yours!"
"But he might think that I'm going to prostitutes ..."
"I am sending you a prostitute if he does not answer to that girl !!!"
"I'm sorry I can not go out tonight: I'm busy with sidewalk girl in street ...".