venerdì 4 novembre 2016

Una Vita Da... Bandano #45: La rivelazione. / One A Life To... Bandano #45: The revelation.

Avete mai notato la strana somiglianza tra Thomas e il suo capo?
Bene, ora saprete il perché!

Have you ever noticed the strange similarity between Thomas and his boss? 
Well, now you'll know why!

"Boss, no offense, but my 64k modem was much smarter than that guy ...."
"I know, Tony, but what can I do? however it is still my son!"
"Tony listen, I know that my son has a brain stopped at the green light (I read Ortolani), though I do not know what to do and because I trust you, I want you to help him!"
"Aaaaaah! Dad dad! my neurons have an accident !!!"
"Idiot! how many times have I told you to remove the traffic lights and build roundabouts?!?"
"Give me back Rufus !!!!!!!!"

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