venerdì 13 ottobre 2017

Una Vita da... Bandano #54: Provocazioni. / One A Life Of... Bandano #54: Provocations.

Susy in compagnia di un'amica un po' "provocante"... 
Susy in the company of a somewhat "provocative" friend ...

«Look at that nice guy down there! Keep staring at me, I want to see where he wants to go ...»
«But Tina, what do you say?!? Remember that you are a girlfriend with Nicola
«From Susy, there's nothing wrong with provoking a bit! I do not have to go to bed! Also because I'm pregnant ...»
«You're pregnant?!? Woooooow !!! I'm happy for you! Surely Nicola will be a great father!»
«But who told you that your son is Nicola?!?»
«But I...»
«Eh, "but I"! Who knows what you tell in the office behind my shoulder!»