venerdì 29 luglio 2016

Una Vita Da... Bandano #42: La multa e lo scaricabarile./ One Life To... Bandano #42: The find and the buck.

Tony ha la brutta sorpresa di ricevere una multa a nome suo. 
Fosse solo la multa...

Tony has a nasty surprise to receive a fine on his behalf. 
It was just fine ...

"Mr. Bandano, there's a fine on his behalf for no parking in Via Delle Formiche 11".
"A moment: I'm not there ever spent in that way, unless there is no past Susy..."
"Here's another man who blames a woman! as if you boys were all of the "lambs of the road" !!! But be ashamed !!!"
"Martaaaa!!! Stop bothering Mr. Bandano and go to remove our car from the parking for the disabled !!!"
"Ah! Why do you think that would represent the signs of "parking for the disabled"?!? to me there seems to be designed a coffee maker !!!"
"You've never seen a parked coffee in downtown, carl?!? You've never seen ...?!?"

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